Our techniques and technologies are carefully researched and evaluated prior to introduction to ensure you benefit from the latest innovations in the world of medical aesthetics.


With microdermabrasion, the mineral crystals gently exfoliates dead skin cells of the outermost skin layer.

Laser Hair Removal

The result you will see is tremendous and you may say ​the BEST result in laser hair removal.

Chemical Peel

Do you wish that you could simply peel signs of aging from your skin? Chemical peels do just this.


Hydrafacial is a multi-step highly advanced medical facial treatment that cleanses, exfoliates and removes impurities and dead skin cells.


Facial is a basic treatment for quick results in purifying, balancing, hydrating and improving skin texture.

RF Skin Tightening

Radio frequency (RF) works by heating the skin, ideal for those people with mild to moderate sagging skin.

Micro Needling

Micro-needling creates a controlled injury underneath the skin’s surface, and then inducing the body to respond by making more collagen in the treated area.


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LiLyDermis is one of the most popular clinics in Calgary. We founded our business with one goal in mind - to make aesthetic treatments effective, safe and affordable for every woman and man. Our Skin Care Clinic offers a modern, clinical and private setting for all your needs. All our treatments and products are medically approved, and our specialists strive to understand and exceed our patients’ expectations.

At LiLyDermis clinic, we have built our reputation based on our results, quality of service, quality of our products, and high client satisfaction.



We believe healthy skin is beautiful skin. Taking care of your skin is a top priority. For every individual skin type and skin concern, there is an ideal skincare regimen. Your skincare routine needs a review or a total make­over. Do you want specific advice tailored to your needs? We are available to help you ­improve your skin. Book an appointment for your complimentary consultation.